When planning a hunting expedition, it is not an issue that you should carelessly handle or considered. If that is taken as a candid advice, then I will also want to reiterate that hunting safari can be a wonderful experience and such that you will continue to relish the memories for a long period of time.

You are to put into consideration many factors; one of such is the season that you will want to go. This becomes necessary because the kind of game you may want to go for needed to be fully understood by you. The different kinds of hunting bows or guns are yet other factors. Accommodation such as a proper one that will suit the occasion, hunting permits needed when you’re going for a big hunting game. Obtaining permit may become necessary because some safari will of necessity requires you to do that!

You need to also know that the season of hunting safari is essential so that you can make a success of your hunting expedition. Some hunting may be good during the raining season while some are best done during the dry season.
Hunting during the raining season makes a little bit difficult because of watering holes. In either of the seasons, dry style of hunting can be used. Some hunters will opt for the use of bow and arrow, and others may go for the usage of a hunting gun. However, again, the kinds of game you are hunting will determine the method you will use. You should also know that some province in South Africa does not allow bow and arrow hunting. It is their policy and it should be followed, no questioning. Yet again, be informed that automatic rifle is not allowed for hunting in South Africa or a weapon using rim fire .22 or smaller caliber ammunition.

No air gun is permitted for hunting with the short gun except in the case of bird hunting. The minimum accepted legal caliber for hunting dangerous game in South Africa is 375. In some cases, you may be allowed to use bigger caliber big and dangerous game. You are to have it the back of your mind to ensure that you use premium grade ammunition in your hunting expedition. Permits are obtained by the owners of the farm for hunting on their property. Again there are some games that are classified as endangered species and there is a rule that applies to these animals by the Biodiversity Act of 2004. It is interesting to let you know that Angama Mara is a wonderful source of authority when it comes to enjoying jungle safari. I will strongly recommend that you get more guides by taking a visit to the tourist provider website